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At it's March 2020 meeting, the Northland Pioneer College District Governing Board voted unanimously to HALVE tuition to help students affected by COVID-19!

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Here's what your tax-deductible gift can do in 2020-2021:

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  • NPC Student Sponsor - $240 - Provides tuition for one student to attend half time (6 credits)

  • NPC Student Patron - $480- Provides tuition for one student to attend FULL TIME! (12 credits)

  • NPC Student Champion - $960 - Provides tuition for one student to attend full-time (12 credits) for the FULL ACADEMIC YEAR!

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As a pre-teen, volunteering to assist the elderly at the local convalescent center become the high point of my summer visits with my aunt and uncle. My aunt would allow me to tag along with her to her place of employment. She was, and still is a nurse. However, it was not the fact that she is a nurse that inspired me to become a nurse. Instead, having the ability to truly give a piece of myself freely, without anything in return, opens my mind, body and soul to the vast opportunities of what I believe should be human interaction.”

Kerry Redhorse, the author of these words, is the NPC Friends and Family Spotlight Student for Summer 2020. She has been accepted into the Northland Pioneer College Associate Degree in Nursing program, and she will begin her classes in August. She aspires to “…be a spearhead of positivity in Dine´-populated communities” when she graduates in Spring 2022, after which she will also pursue her Bachelor of Science in Nursing with the ultimate goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

Kerry has been self-funding her education by working full-time as a Dental Assistant at the Arizona Department of Corrections. She is also a Certified Nursing Assistant, and works weekends as a CNA at the hospital in Winslow.  In becoming a nurse, Kerry aspires to be a “wholesome role model for my daughter…and now my new son.” In addition to her full-time schedule as an NPC Nursing student, Kerry will keep her CNA job, not only for the income, but “to keep clinically sharp and have real-life reflection between my courses and my job.” Wouldn’t you feel like you were in the very best hands, if Kerry Redhorse was your nurse?

The $1,000.00 Beehive Homes of Snowflake Nursing Scholarship that Kerry just won will help her purchase her textbooks for the upcoming fall semester. As Executive Director of NPC Friends and Family, I feel completely humbled by students like Kerry, who achieve so much and expect so little. As I tell people all the time, NPC students are the finest and bravest you will ever meet. I am grateful for Kerry and also for people like Mark and Becky Duncan, who founded the Beehive Homes Nursing Scholarship, so students like Kerry can realize their goals and dreams.

There’s a lot of focus right now on everything that’s wrong. Kerry Redhorse, in her diligent effort to make her part of the world better, for her daughter and baby son, and the Dine´ People, and Mark and Becky Duncan, who give from the heart to help students like Kerry, remind me that there is so much that is good, and so much to be thankful for. All the best to you, Kerry, as you reach for your dreams! You inspire me every day to find ways to make the road a little smoother for students like you.











2020 Pedal the Petrified is scheduled for September 19!

Mark your calendars for the chance to pedal through beautiful Petrified Forest National Park to help NPC Friends and Family raise scholarships for inspiring and courageous students like Erin Talasek!

Registration for our eighth annual Pedal the Petrified is open now! The ride is limited to only 250 participants, so watch for the registration announcement and sign up! 

Due to an extensive repaving job that is taking place in the park this winter and spring, riders will be enjoying a brand new, improved road surface!  

Please sign up to become a Pedal the Petrified Fundraiser by creating your own fundraising page when you register for the ride. Our goal for 2020 is $50,000, and with your help, I know we can do it!

My heartfelt thanks to all who have ridden Pedal the Petrified in the past, and especially those who have set up fund raising pages and invited their friends and family members to sponsor them - all for the students of Northland Pioneer College! 

If this is your first experience with Pedal the Petrified, welcome aboard! Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions:

See you in September at

Petrified Forest National Park! 








NPC students are succeeding in spite of all the odds. Many are the first generation in their families to attend college. Lots of adults are coming back to school while coping with the responsibilities of caring for children or elderly parents. Most have incredible financial need. Yet they persist and persevere because generous donors believe in them. You believe in them. You make the difference. Check out these results! Since Fall 2014, NPC Friends and Family has awarded over 200 scholarships. Here's how our scholars are succeeding:

  • 85% enrolled at NPC the following semester

  • 56% are still enrolled at NPC

  • 74% have completed their degree or certificate

  • The average cumulative GPA of NPC Friends and Family scholarship recipients is 3.39 on a 4.0 scale!

​Nowhere else will your donation go so far. NPC has one of the lowest tuition rates in the state of Arizona. That means your donation to Friends & Family will assist more students who truly need financial help to achieve their dreams. Your donation will change a student's life.


I hope that you will join NPC Friends & Family in helping students succeed whether it is through a donation of money, your time or gifts in kind. Thank you.

Executive Director, Betsyann Wilson

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