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Why Give to Friends & Family?

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NPC Friends and Family
NPC Friends and Family
NPC Friends and Family
NPC Friends and Family

The role of public community colleges has never been more important. As college and university tuition costs soar, Northland Pioneer College has worked hard to stay affordable.


Financial constraints are the single greatest barrier our students face on the path to educational success. Many talented, capable and highly-motivated students have family incomes just high enough to not qualify for federal financial aid. Yet they still need financial help.


Your donation can change a student's life. You can help a student succeed in spite of incredible challenges. Your generous donation will be used to help students pay for:

  • tuition and fees

  • books

  • course supplies

  • overcoming situations that put students at risk of dropping out.

Your Gift Has MEASURABLE Impact!

Since 2014, over 200 NPC Friends and Family scholarships have been awarded. Here's how our scholars have succeeded:

  • 85% enrolled at NPC the following semester

  • 56% are still enrolled at NP

  • 74% have completed their degree or certificate

  • The cumulative GPA of NPC Friends and Family scholarship recipients is 3.39 on a 4.0 scale!


Navajo and Apache Counties are among the poorest of all counties in the U.S.  Educational attainment levels are low and many NPC students are the first generation in their families to go to college. Education is the key to a better future for them and their families. That's why your support is vitally needed and greatly appreciated.


About NPC

Northland Pioneer College (NPC) serves the residents of both Navajo and Apache counties, an area of 21,158 square miles - that's about the size of West Virginia.


The tribal lands of the Navajo, Hopi and White Mountain Apache people comprise 80% of the NPC service area. Over 56.3% of the population of the two counties is Native American.

NPC serves about 8,000 students annually and offers a wide range of educational options such as associate university transfer degrees, direct-to-work degrees and certificates, GED preparation and testing, college prep courses, noncredit personal interest classes, kids college, business and industry training, small business development and more.


NPC Friends and Family is organized exclusively to support the mission and goals of Northland Pioneer College through advancement of college programs and services, establishment and growth of student scholarships and positive promotion of NPC.


NPC Friends & Family Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) organization and all donations are tax deductible. Please consider making a gift today.


This is Why...

As the newly-minted Executive Director of NPC Friends & Family, it was my great privilege to give my first scholarship - a full-tuition scholarship - to an NPC student in our award-winning Welding program. Because I knew his financial need was great, and the challenges he faces in his personal life are many, I have to confess that I was a little embarrassed that I couldn't provide more than the $800 the fund allowed. I met with him shortly after he received his award notice to assure the funds had reached him. He was so polite and appreciative and we chatted about his educational program and his plans for the future.


During the course of our conversation, his instructor and one of his classmates joined us. He slipped away, and went to sit in the classroom area, away from the busy welding shop. On my way out, I noticed he was seated with his head down. I bent down and told him how much I enjoyed visiting with him and I wished him well in his endeavors. He looked up at me, and I was astonished to see tears on his face.


"You will never know how much this has helped me," he whispered.


I knew then, that I could make a difference. I know that, with your help, WE can make a difference in many, many lives. I graduated from the University of Arizona with help from a 4-H scholarship, supplemented by the "Bank of Dad." Our students have no such help. They are driven by their desire to improve their lives through education. Our students inspire me every day, for their courage and perseverance. Please consider a gift to our Eagle Fund, one of our scholarships, or join us as an active member of NPC Friends and Family. You'll never regret helping those who truly need it.


Betsyann Wilson

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