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The Martia A. Smith
Memorial Art Scholarship

​Martia A. Smith was an artist and scholar who served as an instructor and major contributor to NPC’s art program. This scholarship honors her memory each year by awarding a full scholarship up to $3,000/yr. to a highly motivated, academic and artistically talented student. You need not be an art major.

The Pres Winslow Memorial Scholarship

Charles Prescott "Pres" Winslow was a highly respected member of the Northland Pioneer College District Governing Board and a selfless volunteer who was devoted to helping the students of Winslow High School attain a post secondary education. This endowed scholarship, honors his memory and his life of volunteerism and altruism.

At Northland Pioneer College, scholarships are more important today than ever before. Many talented and gifted people dream of
going to college although the financial resources may not be available to help them make that dream a reality. Your gift to establish
or support a scholarship will give a student the opportunity to fulfill a dream and become a productive member of society. Anyone can establish an NPC Friends & Family scholarship. You can choose the scholarship criteria you want: full or part-time, degree-seeking, minimum G.P.A., new or continuing NPC student, high-school graduates, the amount of the award, whether it is for one, two, or more semesters and what it is includes (tuition, books, course fees or all three) are also up to you. Contact Betsyann Wilson of NPC Friends & Family at or 928-536-6245 to discuss your options further, or to apply for an NPC Friends and Family Scholarship. You can also DONATE NOW to an established scholarship by clicking the button on the right.


Here are Some Established NPC Friends & Family Scholarships

NPC Friends and Family
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NPC Friends and Family
NPC Friends and Family

The VAL 153 Memorial Scholarship

​Valeree Reidhead-Claude was an NPC alumni and Pinetop firefighter who passed away in the line of duty. This scholarship honors her memory by awarding a full scholarship for certain fire science and EMS courses. Funds cover tuition, books and fees of NPC students over the age of 18 returning to college to pursue the Firefighter/EMS field.

NPC Friends and Family

The Leg-Up Scholarship

This is a need-based scholarship. Each semester, $500 is awarded to one NPC campus student and one NPC center student who does not qualify for a Federal Pell grant. Each student who applies must still have a financial need that jeopardizes his or her pursuit of degree completion.​

NPC Friends and Family

The Fill-the-Gaps Scholarship

​Like the Leg-Up scholarship, this need-based fund provides $500 to one NPC campus student and one NPC center student each semester.  Applicants for this fund DO qualify for the Federal Pell grant, but still have unmet financial need that threatens their ability to complete a degree at NPC.

Charles Lisitzky.jpg

The Charles E. Lisitzky Memorial Scholarship

​Charles E. Listizky was a longtime resident of Holbrook, Arizona, and an advocate of lifelong education.
This scholarship was established in his memory to assist Native American students at NPC in their pursuit of a college degree.
It will provide $500 toward tuition, books and fees to one awardee each semester.


Jon on Bike.jpg

The Jon Graff, Ph.D., Fund

Three $500 scholarships are awarded teach semester: One to a student who is University Bound, one to a CTE student and one to a student in NPC's CCP program. Dr. Graff is a longtime friend and supporter of NPCFF and NPC students through his participation in and sponsorship of Pedal the Petrified and his generosity in establishing these scholarships.

Claude II.jpg

The Claude Millet Endfield Early Childhood Development Scholarship

​Claude retired in 2016 as Chair of NPC's ECD program, after a career spanning over 40 years. She herself was an NPC alumni, and as a retirement gift, her friends established this scholarship for an ECD student. It will provide $500 toward tuition, books and fees to one awardee each semester.


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